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Flat Expanded metal

Best Flattened Expanded metal Sheet Supplier in China provides lattened Expanded metal Sheet products. The quality is equal to that of German production and the price is cheaper Have CE SGS ROHS and other certifications.

What is flattened expanded metal?

Flattened expanded metal is made by passing raised expaned metal through a cold rolled reducing mill, leaving a flat and smooth surface.
By flattening the sheet, the bonds and strands are turned down to produce a smooth and flat surface – essentially elongating the LWD of the diamond.
After the metal mesh is flattened, the metal mesh plate will be sent through a sheet leveler to maintain its flatness.
flattened expanded metal sheetflat expanded metal

Is standard or flattened expanded metal stronger?

Owing to the expanding process, the metal sheet can be expanded up to 8 times its original width, losing up to 75 % its weight per meter, and becomes stronger.
So it is lighter, less expensive than a single metal sheet.
flattened expanded metalflattened expanded metal sheet

Flattened expanded metal specification

  • Materials: carbon steel, low carbon steel, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium, etc.
  • Flattened expanded metal thickness: 0.3mm-20mm
  • Flattened expanded metal sizes: 1/2,3/4,1'× 2',1' × 4',2' × 2',2' ×4',4' × 4',4' × 8',5' × 10',or made to size.
  • Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanizing, anti-rust paint, powder coated, PVC coated, etc.
expanded metal sizes

Flattened expanded metal features

  • Smooth surface. The safe and smooth surface will not hurt people.
  • Less weight and more economic than regular metal sheet.
  • With stable structure , anti-skid surface and super strong bearing capacity.
  • High quality for durable use,excellent corrosion resistance

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