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Stainless Steel Expanded metal

Stainless Steel Expanded metal Mesh Grill Supplier in China providesStainless Steel Expanded metal products. The quality is equal to that of German production and the price is cheaper Have CE SGS ROHS and other certifications.

What is expanded stainless steel?

Stainless steel expanded metal is a finished product came from pressing after having been expanded. 
Ss expanded metal through die slitting and stretching to form uniform diamond shaped openings.
expanded metal stainlessstainless steel expanded metal grill
Stainless steel expanded metal grilll is able to withstand the corrosive atmospheres and harsh elements like grease, oil and cleaning solutions, and it requires very little maintenance.
Stainless steel expanded metal mesh is more rigid than an equal weight of solid steel plate or wire mesh, making it popular in architectural and commercial areas.
Stainless Steel Expanded MetalStainless Steel Expanded Metal

Expanded Stainless Steel specification

  • Materials: stainless steel 304, 310,310s,316, 316 L.
  • Stainless steel expanded metal lath sizes: 1/2,3/4,1'× 2',1' × 4',2' × 2',2' ×4',4' × 4',4' × 8',5' × 10',or made to size.
expanded metal sizes

Stainless steel expanded metal features

  • Stainless expanded metal has excellent corrosion and rust resistance, which makes it perfect for harsh environments use.
  • Resistant to high temperature and food grade stainless steel expanded metal especially designed for BBQ grill.
  • With stable structure , anti-skid surface and super strong bearing capacity.
  • Stainless expanded metall can maintain good working conditions in a high-temperature environment

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