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Copper Expanded metal

Best Copper Expanded metal Mesh Supplier in China provides Copper Expanded metal Mesh products. The quality is equal to that of German production and the price is cheaper Have CE SGS ROHS and other certifications.

What is copper expanded metal?

Copper expanded metal is made by cutting and expanding a sheet of metal by a machine.
Copper or brass expanded metal mesh is produced by slitting and stretching a single metal sheet to form various opening shapes
copper expanded metal meshexpanded metal copperThere are two styles of standard and flattened. Flattened expanded metal mesh based on standard metal mesh undergoes an additional cold rolling process, creating a smoother surface. 
The expanded copper mesh is soft, extensible, and delivers good thermal and electrical conductivity. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for applications such as batteries.
copper expanded metal sheetexpanded metal mesh copper

Expanded Stainless Steel specification

  • Materials: copper, brass..
  • Copper expanded metal sizes: 1/2,3/4,1'× 2',1' × 4',2' × 2',2' ×4',4' × 4',4' × 8',5' × 10',or made to size.
expanded metal sizes

Copper expanded metal features

  • High electrical and thermal conductivity..
  • Durable. Corrosion, wear, acid and alkali resistance; malleable
  • Good ventilation, lighting and heat dissipation.
  • Anti-slip. Raised expanded metal has non-slip surface.

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