Standard Expanded Metal

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Standard Expanded MetalStandard Expanded Metal

Standard Expanded Metal Mesh diamond-shaped openings have a slightly raised surface unlike the Flattened Expanded Metal Mesh patterns. This product comes in a wide variety of opening sizes (long way of the diamond – 3.375 to .345 inches), gauges (thickness of strand), and materials (plain or galvanized steelaluminum or stainless steel).

Standard Expanded MetalStandard Expanded Metal

Standard Expanded Metal Mesh or Regular Expanded Metal Mesh is a finished product, which is simultaneously slit and stretched by a press to form a piece construction.

Standard Expanded MetalStandard Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal Mesh exhibits a high weight to strength ratio, and is often used to protect people or machines by stopping a specific size material from entering a specific area. All Metals such as Stainless Steel Alloys, Aluminum, Steel, Titanium, & Copper, can all be expanded for various uses including enclosures, support, protection, decoration or filtration.

Technical Information

Standard Expanded Metal (available in aluminum, stainless and galvanized.)

Size (inch)& style No.Weight per 100sq.ftCenter to centeropeningstrandOverall thickness (inch)

3/16# 24500.2000.500.1660.4370.0500.0240.086

# 22620.2000.500.1660.4370.0500.0300.088

# 20750.2000.500.1660.4370.0500.0360.090
1/4# 20860.2551.000.1720.7190.0730.0360.125

# 181140.2551.000.1720.7190.0730.0480.125
1/2# 20430.5001.200.4380.9380.0720.0360.124

# 18700.5001.200.4380.9380.0880.0480.155

# 16860.5001.200.3750.9380.0860.0600.157

# 131470.5001.200.3130.9380.0960.0920.182
3/4# 16540.9232.000.8131.7500.0990.0600.186

# 13800.9232.000.7501.6880.0960.0920.195

# 101200.9232.000.7501.6250.1440.0920.282

# 91800.9232.000.6881.5630.1480.1340.300
1-1/2# 18201.3303.001.3132.6250.0670.0480.140

# 16401.3303.001.2502.6250.1070.0600.211

# 13601.3303.001.1882.5000.1040.0920.215

# 10791.3303.001.1882.5000.1370.0920.289

# 91201.3303.001.1252.3750.1420.1340.295

# 62501.3303.001.0002.3130.2010.1980.425

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