Standard Expanded Metal

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Standard Expanded Metal

Standard Expanded Metal Mesh diamond-shaped openings have a slightly raised surface unlike the Flattened Expanded Metal Mesh patterns. This product comes in a wide variety of opening sizes (long way of the diamond – 3.375 to .345 inches), gauges (thickness of strand), and materials (plain or galvanized steelaluminum or stainless steel).

Standard Expanded Metal

Standard Expanded Metal Mesh or Regular Expanded Metal Mesh is a finished product, which is simultaneously slit and stretched by a press to form a piece construction.

Standard Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal Mesh exhibits a high weight to strength ratio, and is often used to protect people or machines by stopping a specific size material from entering a specific area. All Metals such as Stainless Steel Alloys, Aluminum, Steel, Titanium, & Copper, can all be expanded for various uses including enclosures, support, protection, decoration or filtration.

Technical Information

Standard Expanded Metal (available in aluminum, stainless and galvanized.)

Size (inch)& style No.Weight per 100sq.ftCenter to centeropeningstrandOverall thickness (inch)

3/16# 24500.2000.500.1660.4370.0500.0240.086

# 22620.2000.500.1660.4370.0500.0300.088

# 20750.2000.500.1660.4370.0500.0360.090
1/4# 20860.2551.000.1720.7190.0730.0360.125

# 181140.2551.000.1720.7190.0730.0480.125
1/2# 20430.5001.200.4380.9380.0720.0360.124

# 18700.5001.200.4380.9380.0880.0480.155

# 16860.5001.200.3750.9380.0860.0600.157

# 131470.5001.200.3130.9380.0960.0920.182
3/4# 16540.9232.000.8131.7500.0990.0600.186

# 13800.9232.000.7501.6880.0960.0920.195

# 101200.9232.000.7501.6250.1440.0920.282

# 91800.9232.000.6881.5630.1480.1340.300
1-1/2# 18201.3303.001.3132.6250.0670.0480.140

# 16401.3303.001.2502.6250.1070.0600.211

# 13601.3303.001.1882.5000.1040.0920.215

# 10791.3303.001.1882.5000.1370.0920.289

# 91201.3303.001.1252.3750.1420.1340.295

# 62501.3303.001.0002.3130.2010.1980.425

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