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Round Hole Perforated Sheet

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Round Hole Perforated SheetRound Hole Perforated Sheet

Round perforated is a sheet or coil of material made from metal or plastic that contains holes punched by a die. The shape of the hole is determined by the shape of the die. For perforated with a round hole pattern, the die is circular. The die's diameter can vary from approximately twice the thickness of the material being punched to over two inches.

Round Hole Perforated SheetRound Hole Perforated Sheet


We specializes in manufacturing round hole perforated sheets in various high quality materials including steel ( mild steel or carbon steel, no painting, galvanized or PVC coated), stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass or other materials as your request.

Round Hole Perforated SheetRound Hole Perforated Sheet

Round hole perforated sheets are the most common and most requested. There are several types of hole diameters: very small, medium and large size. Hole pattern is of primary importance: the most popular arrangement is the 60 degree angle pattern, which combines a high rigidity and a decent proportion between open and full areas. The 90° pattern is equally popular, above all for aesthetic needs whereas the 45° pattern is now almost disused.

Round Hole Perforated SheetRound Hole Perforated Sheet

Round hole perforated sheet offers the widest options of hole sizes, gauges, materials and sheet size for all types of applications. For example:

* Cladding and ceiling panels
* Sunshade and sunscreen
* Filter to sieve seed, stone and other bulk materials
* Decorative banister
* Protective fences of overpasses and machine equipments.
* Balcony and balustrade panels
* Ventilation sheet, such as air condition grilles

Technical Information


CodeHole size (diameter)Hole centerHole typeOpen areaCodeHole size (diameter)Hole centerHole typeOpen area
RHPS-10.02"0.043"45°   staggered20%RHPS-215/32"3/16"60°   staggered63%
RHPS-20.023"0.042"Straight22%RHPS-225/32"1/4"60°   staggered34%
RHPS-30.027"0.05"Straight23%RHPS-233/16"7/32"60°   staggered67%
RHPS-41/32"1/6"45°   staggered23%RHPS-243/16"1/4"60°   staggered50%
RHPS-50.033"0.055"Straight28%RHPS-253/16"5/16"60°   staggered32%
RHPS-60.045"0.066"Straight36%RHPS-263/16"3/8"60°   staggered23%
RHPS-70.045"5/64"45°   staggered32%RHPS-273/16"1/2"Straight10%
RHPS-80.05"0.083"Straight29%RHPS-281/4"5/16"60°   staggered58%
RHPS-93/64"3/32"60°   staggered23%RHPS-291/4"3/8"60°   staggered42%
RHPS-101/16"3/32"60°   staggered41%RHPS-301/4"3/8"Straight34%
RHPS-111/16"7/64"60°   staggered27%RHPS-311/4"1/2"60°   staggered23%
RHPS-121/16"1/8"60°   staggered23%RHPS-321/4"1/2"Straight20%
RHPS-135/64"1/8"60°   staggered36%RHPS-335/16"7/16"60°   staggered46%
RHPS-143/32"5/32"60°   staggered33%RHPS-343/8"1/2"60°   staggered52%
RHPS-153/32"3/16"60°   staggered23%RHPS-353/8"9/16"60°   staggered40%
RHPS-160.117"5/32"60°   staggered51%RHPS-363/4"1"60°   staggered51%
RHPS-171/8"3/16"60°   staggered40%RHPS-371/2"11/16"60°   staggered49%
RHPS-181/8"7/32"60°   staggered30%RHPS-385/8"7/8"60°   staggered46%
RHPS-191/8"1/4"60°   staggered23%RHPS-391"1-3/8"60°   staggered48%
RHPS-209/64"3/16"60° staggered51%

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