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Grating Terms

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Grating Terms

1.Load bearing bars: Load-carrying members extending in the direction of the grating span.

2.Load bearing bar centers(pitch): The distance center to center of the bearing bars.

3.Cross bars:A member fixed at right angles to the load-bearing bars to provide lateral restraint.

4.Cross bar centers(pitch): The distance center to center of the cross bars.

5.Binding bar: A flat welded to a side or end of a grating panel, or along the line of a cutout, and extending neither above nor below the bearing bars.

Grating Terms

1.Width: The overall dimension of grating panel, measured perpendicular to the bearing bars.

2.Length: The dimension of a grating panel measured parallel to the bearing bars.

3.Plain or Serrated: Plain flooring has load-bearing bars that are smooth. Serrations have notches formed in the top surface of the load-bearing bars to improve slip resistance.

4.Nosing Bar / Slip Resistance: Edging Nosing Bars are members welded to the front edge of a stairtread or to a flooring panel for sighting and slip resistance.

5.End Plate: A plate welded to a stairtread for fixing to s stringer.

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