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Process Principle and Some Common Uses of Diamond Steel Plate Mesh

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The diamond steel plate net is a kind of metal bar with bending, which can be divided into two layers. The two metal bars are usually not the same thickness of the steel plate net. This thickness is the width of the stem, which is less than the thickness of the material. Usually the value is small, and the amount of processing determines the strength of the product. 

Conventional wall construction is all diamond hole, so it is also called: standard diamond steel plate mesh speaker steel plate mesh, because it has the characteristics of lightweight, reinforcing function, uniform mesh connection, convenient construction, strong adhesion, shock-proof and crack-proof. 
It is mainly used in high-rise building, civil building, factory building and other large-area plastering projects. It is a new type of metal construction material in modern construction, and has the characteristics of strong adhesion, crack prevention and earthquake prevention. 
Used for filter element, medicine, papermaking, filtering, feeding, battery net, packing net, mechanical equipment protection, handicraft production, advanced speaker net cover, decoration, children's seat, basket, road protection, tank car 
Yilida Steel Plate Net Manufacturer's Advantages: 
More than 1.30 years of experience in material selection, production, packaging, sales, installation and after-sales of steel mesh can make it easier to understand the actual needs of customers, thus achieving more professional purchase guidance and reference suggestions, which can provide safer and more secure packaging and transportation mode. 
2. Perfect qualification certification system meets the production requirements of national standards and ensures the production capacity and quality. It can effectively guarantee the timeliness of steel mesh products and provide customers with quality and quantity of steel mesh products and services. 
3. Good products must be produced without good equipment. Yilida has a number of CNC equipment, highly automated production machinery, equipment to ensure productivity, more importantly, we have experienced and good production team, to overcome difficulties before we have superior to most peers in the process quality.