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Product characteristics of protective steel mesh, and which scenarios are mainly

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Protective steel mesh

The utility model belongs to a steel plate mesh product named according to its use classification. Steel plate mesh is also called stretching net or punching shear net.
Plate mesh is mainly made of low carbon steel sheet, aluminium plate, stainless steel sheet and aluminium-magnesium alloy sheet by punching, shearing and stretching.
Steel plate mesh can be divided into small, medium and heavy steel plate mesh according to process type. Common materials are aluminum plate mesh, aluminum foil mesh, brass plate mesh, copper plate mesh, stainless steel plate mesh, nickel plate mesh, etc. The mesh has rhombic hole, hexagonal hole and feather scale hole.
Protective steel mesh is mainly made by stamping process: rolled flat, galvanized into white, blue-white or golden, not easy to rust, beautiful and generous.
Usage: Mainly used for civil decoration, windows, household appliances protection is a substitute for window screens.
The performance characteristics of protective steel mesh are as follows:
First, the characteristic of protective steel mesh is that the mesh of steel mesh is cut and drawn by high-quality steel plate, without solder joints, high strength, good climbing resistance, suitable price is widely used.
Second, protective steel mesh can be used as anti-glare mesh to use steel mesh products. Its characteristics are beautiful, easy to maintain and bright color. It is the preferred product of highway environmental engineering. It is mainly used for highway night vehicle lighting protection.
Usage: Protective steel mesh is mainly used for civil construction batch cement, mechanical equipment protection, handicraft manufacturing, high-grade speaker mesh cover. It can also be used for platforms and pedals of buildings, ships, bridges and boilers. It can also be used to reinforce lightweight building materials, shaped concrete, water tanks for various automotive tools and air compressors, and safety equipment for gear devices on various machines.