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Introduction of Metal Decoration Construction Points in Decoration Engineering

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In modern interior decoration, there are a lot of joints and seams between various structures, decorative surfaces, materials and the same kind of materials on the same surface. In view of these parts, decorative closure is carried out with lines, which is the process of linking and receiving ports in decoration engineering.

1. Construction preparation (1) Before closing construction, the metal decoration line of the closing should be prepared and selected. The surface of metal decoration line should be free of scratches and touches, and the size should be accurate.
(2) Check whether the base of the seam is fixed firmly by the closure, and whether the seam is uneven, and find out the reasons for it, and reinforce and correct it.
(3) The corresponding position of various decorative lines should be far away from people's horizon or placed in the inconspicuous position of the interior. Especially the metal decoration line with obvious interface should pay more attention to the arrangement of the corresponding position of decoration line.
2. Installation and construction of stainless steel line and copper alloy line take-up line installation, using surface nail-free take-up method. The process is as follows:
(1) Fix a wooden lining with a round nail at the closing position. The width and thickness of the wood lining are slightly smaller than the inner diameter of stainless steel or copper alloy lines.
(2) Apply epoxy resin glue (universal glue) on the wood lining strip, epoxy resin in the stainless steel slot, and then clamp the line on the wood lining strip.
(3) If stainless steel lines are modeled, wood lining should also be modeled accordingly, as shown in Figure 10-8.
(4) The surface of stainless steel line grooves is usually covered with a protective layer of plastic tape, which should be torn off the stainless steel line grooves after finishing the finishing construction. If there is no plastic tape protective layer on the surface of the line groove, a layer should be affixed before construction to avoid damage to the line surface during construction.
3. Notes锛
1) Stainless steel line and copper alloy line in the corner of the opposite joint, the application of 45 angle joint, the section should be 45 angle fixer, with a steel saw blade cut off, do not damage the surface.
(2) No grinding wheel cutter shall be used for cutting stainless steel slots and copper alloy slots in order to prevent discoloration after heating. For the cut joints, a mixed file shall be used for smoothing.